Our offering is bundled within a single advisory fee that includes the following services:



  • Multi-custodian consolidated statements
  • Provide a clear picture of exposures and returns
  • Consistent classification of all holdings on the basis of risk-return
  • Complete flexibility to “slice and dice” portfolio to the individual holding level

Asset Allocation

  • The building block of a coherent investment strategy and the key driver of long-term returns
  • Determines the risk-return profile of the portfolio as a whole
  • Tailor-made using the tools of the asset management industry


  • Periodic monitoring of client’s portfolio
  • Review of third-party investment proposals
  • Addresses over-selling by banks and ensures that SAA remains in place
  • We are the only ones with access to your entire portfolio

Fund Selection

  • Independent evaluation of funds and managers
  • Addresses challenge of custodian-banks not being able to recommend funds which are not
    ‘approved’ on their platforms
  • 100% ‘open’ architecture that does not favour any one manager or custodian

Tactical Investing

  • Opportunistic investments with a shorter-term horizon, representing up to 10% of total portfolio
  • We have access to the research of 10+ leading investment banks
  • We are not restricted by a ‘house’ view that may be different from our own

Fee Advisory

  • Review of custodian-banks’ current charges and negotiate lower fees
  • Inconsistencies between firms can deliver immediate savings
  • Competitive bidding between custodian banks to ensure lowest trading commissions
  • Periodic reports with a detailed breakdown of fees
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