We strive to provide unbiased investment advice by:

  • Not being affiliated with any investment manager or custodian
  • Not having fee-sharing agreements for any of the products that we recommend
  • Having an ‘open architecture’ platform that allows clients to invest through any custodian they choose
  • Having a fee structure that does not create an incentive to recommend products outside of a client’s risk profile


We aim to provide institutional-quality advisory services by:

  • Using many of the same analytical tools of the largest players in the wealth management industry
  • Implementing detailed processes for portfolio construction and manager selection
  • Leveraging decades of industry experience with leading financial firms


We look to establish close, long-term partnerships with our clients by:

  • Maintaining an active, face-to-face dialogue focused on understanding their objectives and needs
  • Opting for a boutique model that allows us to provide a holistic offering to a small number of clients
  • Recommending bespoke portfolios that are designed to meet an individual client’s needs

Family offices are recognized as providers of independent and unbiased investment advice. They handle many of the tasks associated with evaluating and monitoring investments and apply a consistent analytical and strategic approach to managing a portfolio.

High net worth families typically use a family office to address the following needs:

Risk management

Employ tools of the investment management industry to ensure that portfolios are in line with their risk profile


Use a consistent approach to portfolio construction and manager selection across all investments

Time management

Manage the sometimes overwhelming flow of investment ideas from banks that can distract from long-term goals

Visibility and transparency

Have a consolidated view of the portfolio in a single monthly statement

Cost control

Confirm that custodians are charging fees that were agreed in advance


Ensure that an independent third party is providing active monitoring of all holdings

We believe that three factors differentiate us from most of our competitors:

Client focus

  • We strive to gain a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs and objectives and maintain an active dialogue with them that includes face-to-face meetings on, usually, a monthly basis
  • All client contact is managed via one of the founding partners and is not delegated to junior members of the team

Multi-disciplinary approach

  • Senior members of the management team have multi-disciplinary professional backgrounds that include working for several well-known banking and non-financial firms
  • The team has a strong background in quantitative fields such as engineering and finance and, as a result, are well-versed in the analytical methods of portfolio construction and investment analysis

Boutique business model

  • We have a truly bespoke servicing model that results in all portfolios being tailor-made to reflect each client’s investment objectives and risk profile
  • We are committed to working with a small number of clients in a way that retains the founding principles of the firm
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